Recent Aquisitions



Quantity: 1 (One) 2006 Atlas Copco Rocket Boomer 104 Drill, 4x4, Deutz Diesel Engine, 55kW electric motor, Atlas Copco LE3 Air Compressor, Cable Reel, Four Jack Hydraulic Stabilizers.

Quantity: 1 (One) 2008  Atlas Copco Rocket Boomer 281 Drill, 4x4, Deutz Diesel Engine, electric/hydraulic, Power Cable Reel, Four Jack Hydraulic Stabilizers, Fire Suppression.

Quantity: 1 (One) Tamrock HS 205 L, Two hydraulic booms, hydraulic rock drills and chain feeds, Deutzz Diesel Engine with Hydrostatic Transmission.

Quantity: 1 (One) CMAC 2000 PLH Longhole Drill, Pneumatic/Hydraulic, Hydraulic Stabilizers.

Shotcrete Sprayer:

Quantity: 1 (One) Shotcrete Technologies, Inc. Mobile Shotcrete Sprayer,  Shot-Tech Robotic Arm mounted on Kubota 4x4 Tractor, arm extension of 8.5’ (min) – 22.6’ (max).

Ventilation Fans:

Quantity: 2 (Two) Joy Model M-72 Ventilation Fan, 72” x 36” x 1200rpm, Shaft Driven (new shafts included), Motor not included.

Diesel Locomotives:

Quantity: 3 (Three) Schöma 15-ton Locomotives

Diesel Locomotives:

Quantity: 6 (Six) Schöma 35-ton Locomotives

Diesel Locomotives:

Quantity: 7 (Seven) Gia 25-ton Locomotives

Concrete Mixer/Hauler:

Quantity: 1 (One) 2000 MTI UVT-MT Underground Mixer Truck, Deutz Diesel Engine.

Quantity: 1 (One) DUX S1-Remix Truck, Cummins Diesel Engine, 4x4, 4.5 Cubic Meter Drum, fire suppression.