Jetair Axiflow Fans

Jetair fans are built by Mining Equipment Ltd. in Farmington, New Mexico. MEL has served the mining and tunneling industries for 30 years.

Jetair fans are durable. They get the job done. Jetair has a wide selection of fans available, from three horsepower to 400 horsepower and from 18 inch diameter to 84 inch diameter. Click here to see a list of available fan sizes and to view detailed performance curves for each fan Jetair builds.

We understand the harsh environments in which fans are used. Jetair fans will meet and exceed the demands of your mine or tunnel project.

Forged Blades

All of Jetair's blades are now forged instead of cast. Forged blades are much stronger than castings. They are virtually indestructible. They last longer, saving you money on blade replacements.

Jetair specializes in axial vane fans from 18-inch diameter to 84-inch diameter and up to 500 HP.

Jetair can deliver your fans in a hurry. Not only do we have a huge inventory of used fans ready to be rebuilt, we can usually make delivery on new fans in only a couple of weeks. Jetair also rolls steel ventilation ducting on-site for underground projects. We have three different pipe rolling machines to ensure you get ducting when you need it.

Fan Construction

Housings on all fans are constructed out of 1/4 inch steel plate. And flanges are 3/8 inch steel for greater strength. All housings are rolled in our shop in Farmington, New Mexico, so quality will be top-notch.

Jetair Blades and Hubs

Blades and hubs are constructed out of T-6 aircraft aluminum. Jetair's adjustable wrap around blade hugs the rotor, resulting in additional CFM per horsepower. Each blade has a 7/8 inch steel stud for greater strength. Each blade and hub are machined to extremely tight tolerances.

Jetair Balancing

Jetair Fans are both static and dynamically balanced. After the rotor assembly is complete, the fan is statically balanced. Once the fan is completely assembled, it is dynamically balanced on our IRD balancing machine.

More Jetair Features

Jetair uses spun aluminum nose cones that will withstand tough treatment. All Jetair Fans are equipped with external grease leads with protective nipples. Our safety screens are made out of expanded metal instead of aluminum mesh. Two lifting eyes are standard on all models.


Jetair offers a full line of ventilation accessories. Heavy-duty silencers, inlet bells, discharge cones and screens can all be built to specific requirements.

Ventilation Pipe

Jetair will also roll ventilation pipe on-site for your mine or tunnel. Our machines roll ventilation pipe up to 60 inches in diameter. Both cold rolled and galvanized can be furnished. This unit uses 18 inch wide cold roll, with a crimp every 17 1/4 inches in addition to a corregation every six inches. The result is the strongest most durable pipe on the market.


Jetair keeps several common size fans in stock for immediate delivery. Other fans can be delivered in two to four weeks.


Jetair will also rent fans for your mine or tunnel. Please call us for details.

Remanufactured Fans

Mining Equipment Ltd. still carries a wide selection of previously owned fans. We rebuild fans of any make in our shop in Farmington, New Mexico. Buying rebuilt fans is a great way to save money, so please check the Mining Equipment Ltd. catalog or call us for information.